Paddle fit


PaddleFit weaves stand up paddling with a mix of strength and balance exercises.
Immerse yourself into the world of PaddleFit through our weekly SUP fitness classes.
Our certified instructor will lead you in a class each week that combines paddling technique and core building exercises. Each individual class will have a main theme and area of focus whether that be paddling drills, strength exercises or paddling intervals. Classes are designed to be motivational, not intimidating and can accommodate all levels of paddlers and fitness levels. Beginners welcome, but some paddling experience is required!


  • Stand up paddle board, paddle, leash, life preserver
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Paddling skill building, form and technique
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Core strength development
  • Flexibility and balance

What you can expect

PaddleFit is a complete fitness coaching system that takes you through a full physical assessment which we then use to develop a clearly defined path that will help you achieve your goals through both land based workouts, paddling technique and water based workouts. We will spend the majority of our time in the outdoors, taking advantage of the natural terrain to enhance our workout experience, both physically and mentally.

Class begins at the scheduled launch time at the Main Street Dock.. Most of our launch locations do not have changing facilities, so come prepared to get into the water, leaving behind anything you care about losing on the water. After checking in with our coach, you will be fitted for a life-preserver, given a paddle and fit for your stand up paddle board. Our fitness specific paddle boards are stable and well suited for beginners. They also have compartments and bungee straps for locking down your water bottles and belongings. If you prefer more advanced equipment, it is available, please let us know prior to your arrival. Our coach will give you an overview of the class, starting with a dynamic warm-up on the dock. Thereafter, participants hit the water for a full-body, cardio and strength training paddle session.
  • Per person

    $25 - $150

  • Experience

    Beginners welcome, but some paddle experience is required
  • Age Limit:

    16 and up
  • Time:

    60 minutes
  • Provided:

    Stand up paddle board, paddle, leash, life preserver


  • Single class with board rental $35
  • Single class without board rental: $25
  • Private session $75
  • 5 persons or class pack $150

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