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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  No white caps in your wine glass!  Enjoy a lazy-river float through the wetlands of Los Carneros with a personal guide.  Experience the terroir by water then revisit that terroir in your glass - harpooning a whale may cost extra!

12/14/2022 Napa, Ca. Join us for a guided tour on the Napa River aboard a traditional
wooden 'kanaka boat' modeled after those that carried early settlers to the valley from arriving ships.  Ride the tide deep into Fagan Preserve or one way to Downtown Napa.

Glide through the quiet estuary and relax to the rhythm of your paddle breaking the surface
of protected waters during the peak of bird migration. These wetlands are the ocean’s incubator, a critical habitat zone that spills life into the larger San Francisco Bay. This is also the site of the Living River Restoration project that reintroduced the river to its natural flood plain. With the river free again to meander bird species have doubled. Steelhead and salmon are on the rise. And
otters, beavers and even sea lions have returned to the river.

Along the way your guide will point out three, cool climate grape growing regions. Tours
include optional splash of wine from these AVA’s during your trip: Carneros (the valley’s
champagne region where the tour begins), Mt Veeder and Atlas Peak – all
outstanding Cabernet appellations visible in the near-by mountains.

The hand-crafted, wooden boat is a 20ft replica of a traditional kanaka tender (whale boat).
Built by Napa Valley Paddle with paddlers in mind, guests sit side-by-side and have the option to  paddle polynesian style, row or let the guide do the paddling while you sip wine.

In addition to the river habitat, take in views of Mt Tam, Mt Diablo, Mt Veeder, Atlas Peak
and Alta Heights under the wide-open sky.

The tour is hosted by Napa Valley Paddle, owned by the Dickson Family with over 40 years
of wine making history in the Napa Valley. We offer several routes, 3 – 7 miles from 55 min
to 3 hours in length. Tours include the rich human and ecological history of the region.
Guided tours begin at $175 (55 minutes, round trip begins 4/15/23), $359 (1.5 hours, round trip), $599 (2-3 hours + wine). 2-4 people, family discounts
CONTACT: Napa Valley Paddle 707.200.5511
www.WineOnTheNapaRiver.com www.NapaValleyPaddle.com