SUMMER IS HERE! Take to paddling and go riparian...

“Perhaps to truly taste terroir in your glass you must breathe it in first, feel it on your toes and through your hair.

Let the sun shine on your beautiful face and elevate your senses. Great wine and food will take you places – but you are already here.

Let us fill your day with the bounty of this volcanic river valley and its microclimates. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover in a glass of wine once the hustle fades and your soul awakens within this riparian paradise, teaming with aquatic life."

- Andrew Dickson, winemaker & owner of Napa Valley Paddle

Bird Watching Special


Whether you are vacationing in the Napa Valley or live here year-round enjoy the beauty of the Napa River by paddleboard, kayak or canoe.

Now in our fifth season NVP has invested heavily in  river access to showcase only the best of the Napa River Valley and Carneros Wetlands. 

Napa Valley Paddle has hosted three thousand clients in our local watershed and we look forward to an amazing 2016 season with you!

Stand Up Paddleboarding Benefits Include