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Experience Enchanting Bioluminescence
Kayaking in Tomales Bay

Under the ocean of infinite stars, on the darkest night of Tomales Bay, discover magic in the ocean’s garden.

2024 Tour Schedule is posted!  These are the best dates, they will sell out quickly.


Only 22 Spots are Available.
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Napa Valley Paddle’s Bioluminescent kayak touring company offers nature’s most illuminating light show in the waters of Tomales Bay on the darkest nights of July, August, September, and October, 2024. Bioluminescence is mother nature at its spectacular best. It is the emission of light by microorganisms undersea called marine dinoflagellate or plankton. Movements from a swimming fish, the stroke of a paddle to displaced water from the hull of your kayak can excite the organisms causing a shimmering burst of fluorescent white-blue light. With hundreds of marine dinoflagellates assembled in the bay, the collective effect can be magical. 

The Bioluminescent Kayak Tour in Tomales Bay

Napa Valley Paddle’s coastal kayaking adventure starts just before nightfall so that you can enjoy the rich colors of the sun setting on the horizon. As the evening fades into darkness, the sky is lit by stars above, followed by traces of bioluminescence glowing as its spills from your kayak paddle.

We’ve chosen the best dates for July, August, September, and October based on the moon’s position to ensure the darkest nights. Our guided tour will take you through areas where your kayak paddle creates long stretches of glowing bioluminescent for the longest time.

Two exclusive NVP tour options
Crescent Tandem Kayak, sit-on-top with elevated, framed single seats.  Or, reserve our handcrafted, wooden whale 4-seater boat with a personal guide. The whaleboat is built to allow light to reflect through the translucent hull.
What’s provided:

Kayak, paddles, life jacket, on-shore instruction & overview.  Two guides per group.  EMT on-shore with radio.


Not for beginner paddlers. Must be comfortable and confident in water with up to 18" wind swell.  This is a guided, night time paddle often in pitch black darkness. 

Basic, water skills are required and kayak experience is a must.  Not for beginner paddlers.  For beginners, best to rent in Napa a few times (flat, warm water with no wake) and/or take an introductory lesson if need be. 

PRICING INCLUDES A $20 NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE. 15% gratuity and 5% Point Reyes National Seashore fee is included in the ticket price.

Bioluminescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon and we cannot guarantee that you will see Bioluminescence.
We schedule these trips during the most ideal viewing conditions.

Bioluminescence in Tomales Bay is virtually impossible to capture on film, most of the white-blue fluorescent photos seen here where not taken in Tomales Bay.

Group 139@2x-1

Timing is everything. Reserve Your Spot!

The area is world-renowned for bioluminescence tours in California. The kayak trip is limited to the darkest nights of the new moon phases in Summer and fall; hence sells out quickly.


Napa Valley Paddle
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1075 Lakeville St.  Petluma, CA 94952